Massages with Anjuli Mahendra

Anjuli Mahendra is a multi-modality massage therapist, teacher, and retreat leader focused on wellness and empowerment for her students and clients. With over 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher and massage therapist and regular trips to Asia for further training, Anjuli brings a wealth of somatic experience to her treatments. She is a nationally licensed therapist with 1500+ hours of training in both Integrated Connective-tissue massage and Traditional Healing arts systems. 

Anjuli’s bodywork practice is an integrated form of Connective-tissue and Thai bodywork focused on balancing the body with deep stretching, compression, acupressure, and intuitive unwinding, and connective-tissue elongation. Her practice incorporates a range of techniques informed by traditional healing arts systems including Shiatsu and Taoist bodywork and can include abdominal massage to balance the organs and meridians of the body. Anjuli’s therapeutic, intuitive touch supports clients to work through physical and emotional issues as well as bring them into a deep state of relaxation and connection. By layering in soft toning, breath cues, and energy-work into her practice, she encourages her clients to connect to their innate wisdom and release what no longer serves. 

Anjuli is the co-founder of and facilitates workshops and retreats to explore connection and mindful touch through partner yoga, contact improvisation, and Thai Massage. In both teaching and bodywork, her goal is to create a sacred container for healing and growth, heightened listening, and expanded perspective.

Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage: This practice involves deep release of tension through compression, passive stretching and dispersal techniques. The chinese meridian system is used to bring balance to the body by removing blockages to the free flow of energy throughout the body. Each massage is customized intuitively for the client’s needs. Sessions are done on a floor mat over loose clothing and can be infused with cranio-sacral, myofascial release , and acupressure techniques. 

Integrated Table Massage: This treatment focuses on following the body’s natural pathways to release tension and restore the innate balance of the body. Long strokes are used with soothing oil on the skin to elongate the connective tissue. Sessions are tailored to the client’s specific needs; be it acute injury relief, emotional release, chronic discomfort, or relaxation. Techniques from Structural Integration, Craniosacral, Thai, Shiatsu, and Intuitive Unwinding can also be included in the treatment. 

Chi Nei Tsang: Chi Nei Tsang literally means “working the energy of the internal organs”. The focus is on the abdomen with deep, soft and gentle touches to train internal organs to work more efficiently. These sessions balance the body by working directly with meridian reflex points, particularly useful for emotional and digestive harmony. Oil is usually applied to the belly and pressure can range from subtle to deep, depending on the client’s needs. It is best to have no food at least 2 hours before this treatment. 

Couples Massage: You and your partner will receive massage together from Anjuli and her partner Alok Rocheleau. Couples sessions are a great way to harmonize your energies together. Possible modalities listed above.

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Pricing: $125/60 min • $150/75 min • $170/90 min