Osteopathic Principles - Integrative Manual Therapeutics with Bob Deluca


With over 15 years professional experience and education, Bob brings a powerful healing presence and deep understanding of the body to every session. Grounded in Osteopathic principles of Precision, Perception and profound Respect for the wisdom of the body, his gentle encouragement of the natural unfolding health within, every person he encounters has the opportunity to experience their limitless potential for dynamic self awareness and ease in their body. Bob has studied at Canadian College of Osteopathy and Canadian Academy of Osteopathy, and has studied Osteopathic Manual Therapies since 2000. He has served as Teacher's Assistant in many classes, and has developed and led several workshops on various Osteopathic Modalities.

What is Integrative Manual Therapeutics?

Integrative Manual Therapeutics is the livelong body of work of Bob DeLuca. Bob’s work is based on a deep relationship with the body’s natural healing wisdom, and an ability, gained from decades of training, innovation and clinical practice, to communicate with that wisdom, and guide it toward healing on a profound level.

How does it work?

Bob uses a variety of specific diagnostic techniques to assess mobility of the body in every scale, from whole body, to individual vertebrae, organs, joints, etc…down to the tiniest nerve, blood vessel or brain structure. Where mobility is limited, function could be impaired. 

Sometimes, symptoms manifest at a distance to the limitation. For instance, headaches can come from hip dysfunction that pulls on the spinal cord. Frozen shoulder can result from lung, rib or liver restriction. The tissue can also be restricted right where the symptoms are felt, but for some reason has not yet resolved with other treatments. Bob’s specific approach to assessing the whole of the situation will seek to find if the problem lies primarily in the nerve, bone, joint capsule, muscle, etc… And the treatment will be tailored to that instance. 

If you have not yet had success with treatment of your condition thus far , you may find Bob has a different way of seeing your situation, and after treatment, you may find yourself surprised by how easy and deep the transformation can be!

What can be treated?

  • Newborn and childhood care for Injury, Birth Trauma, Behavioral challenges, Developmental delays, Sensory integration problems, Autistic spectrum

  • In utero care of baby and Mom

  • Headaches

  • Sciatica 

  • Brain injury

  • Tinnitus

  • Vertigo

  • TMJ

  • Chronic Pain

  • Trauma (emotional and/or physical)

  • Visceral concerns like excessive menstrual symptoms, digestive problems, acid reflux, liver detox.

  • MusculoSkeletal problems like hip pain, plantar fasciitis, spinal problems, loss of mobility

  • Lymphatic conditions (There is reason to believe post biopsy lymphedema can be avoided with less than three prophylactic treatments)

  • Fascia issues like limited mobility, surgical scars, abdominal adhesions

  • Allergies and chemical sensitivities

And much more! Please inquire regarding your situation.

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$150/60 min