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Posted - 09/23/2014
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Client Testimonial
Dear Studio M Staff,

Since November 2013, I’ve been working with Lily privately and have also been attending group reformer classes which Lily, Janie, and Sue conduct on regular basis.  In this period of time, I’ve been thinking about my Studio M “experience,” and how it has contributed significantly to improving my health and fitness.

First of all, your reputation precedes you.  So when I decided to make this investment, there was really no question that Studio M would be the best place for me.  Then on a walk one day, I just dropped in unannounced and met Sue for the first time.  In addition to appreciating the Studio’s atmosphere, I was impressed by Sue’s persona and professionalism, which further solidified my confidence in the decision I was about to make.  It’s no wonder that the two of you are now business partners.

To come up with a schedule that works best for each of your clients is where Jane just shines!  Her commitment to customer service is outdone only by her smile and genuinely pleasant personality!  And while the Studio’s on-line scheduling system is really wonderful, Jane’s personal attention to the needs of your clients makes her as valuable to the Studio as your trainers.

While everyone and everything I’ve shared adds to the exceptionally positive experience I am having as a Studio M client, it’s the combination of working with Lily in a private training session and one or two group reformer classes on a weekly basis that has made the most dramatic difference in the person I am today. Thanks to Lily and Janie, I no longer ache, I walk taller, and I always feel good physically and mentally when I leave each session. (While I am certainly noticing other improvements in my body, I will spare you those details!)  Yes, the work we do can indeed be physically and mentally demanding, but it’s also fun!  The unsolicited advice I would offer any prospective client is to find a balance in combining both private sessions and group reformer classes.  Of course, we can benefit even more from doing mat exercises at home, or watching you on YouTube.  But, it’s the personal cueing and spotting which your trainers offer which insure that each client gets the most out of each session.

You may not realize that Ben Franklin’s “Reduction to the Ridiculous” theory also helped me with my decision to become a Studio M client.  For less than $13.00 a day, I can benefit every hour of every day throughout the year, and not just when I’m having a private session or participating in a group reformer class. For the cost of a lunch out, my time at Studio M is so much better for me and a better value than any insurance policy can offer!

With appreciation for all you do,

Pat Fodor


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